Friday, November 21, 2008

Well, since I'm new at this, I thought that I would continue with the story of our vacation. We spent the second night at Moscow, Idaho and the next day I shot this photo of a farm on the plains north and west of Moscow. I loved this country. I must have told Mom a dozen times that I could live in such and such a place. The land was extremely beautiful. We then went toward the great north country, Canada. No we didn't go through Wolf Creek, but we made it to our neighbor up north. Here's Mom by the monument to record the event. We also had a very close call while we were driving. We were on a two lane country road, just enjoying the scenery, when as we rounded a corner the car in front of us was stopped. We slammed on the brakes and was I ever glad that the big fully loaded logging truck behind us did the same. Tires were squealing and smoke poured off the pavement, but we our prayers of that morning were answered and we were safe. The final picture is looking north just before the boarder.

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