Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Here are some photos of one of the games that were played at our Thanksgiving gathering. Also, Mason and Talon playing on the floor with Josh hiding behind some rolls. We ate well and we played well. This great feast was prepared by all, but supervised by Kristy. Most of us assisted Kim and Josh moving into their new home in North Ogden (Congratulations to them!), earlier in the day. It is amazing that they had the stamina to paint all week long into the wee hours of the morning, Josh to go to work, Kim to take care of kids and everything else and move and then attend the feast.
It was good to be with everyone. We hope that everyone had as good a time as we did.


Marissa said...

I'm glad to see the Nelson's have a blog! It will be good to keep up with you guys. We have a blog too. Check it out at www.marissaandcody.blogspot.com

Manda said...

Wow look how young all the kids look! Better post some more "updated" ones!! LOL