Thursday, April 2, 2009

Well, I thought that I should enter something on our blog since I didn't do a thing last month. I started out with an idea that I would focus on a specific thing for me to work on and I haven't done that either. Oh well, so much for the romantic in me. We did go to Saint George at the end of the month and had a good time. We visited a number of Church sites and even went to Pipe Springs National Monument. It was a little out of the way, but interesting. We were hosted by a Native American Indian. His slant on the history of the site was interesting and a little disconcerting. He blamed all the problems upon the Mormons, while also indicating that the Mormons were the ones that kept his people from starving. So a little of a conflict with his story. We also went to Brigham Young's Winter home and Jacob Hamblin's home. These were interesting. We visited the Saint George Temple and found out that it was built from red bricks and then covered over with a white reflecting plaster. Zion's National Park was also interesting. Here we went for a walk up the canyon and then we went to Brice National Park where it was very cold. It was 75 degrees in Saint George and 35 degrees in Bryce. Quite a difference. It was nice to have the sun out most of the day and to be able to be outside without a coat. No so lucky at home where it continues to be winter even now in April.

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Mighty McKennas said...

I have not looked at your blog for awhile and was so happy to see so many fun things and postings from you! I love you so much dad and your great efforts to try something new! I truly hope you do paint a picture! Painting is so fun! Love you pop!